Entry #1


2010-04-25 01:26:08 by crazymatt117

Hey guys,

as you know i have had very little activity on this site. Ive had very little time for one and two im currently working on songs for this site. I should have at least 3 more songs done before the end of summer though (and thats a promise! if i dont make good on it then u can slap me lol)

some of my upcoming songs will feature screamo vocals (i cant sing guys srry) and they will be AWESOME!!!! :D

Also i got a new guitar and amp since ive said ne thing to ne one on this site. The guitar is a Vintage American Made Pacer Series Kramer (a mouthful i know)... its got great sound and tone. the amp i just got is a Vox AD50VT-XL which features 2 10" speakers on it with tons of digital efx on them. Distortion sounds amazing on it as well. It is also a tube amp (the first one i have ever gotten). all in all the setup is AMAZING :).

Im getting better at pinched harmonics and just recently started working on sweep picking (VERY DIFFICULT!!!)

That's all the updates for now so i will leave you off at this note :)


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