February/March Post

2012-03-05 00:05:42 by crazymatt117

Hey guys, its February, as you may have noticed.

This year, as far as music, is concerned has been going great. Ive released several songs already and receiving views and scores on each song. Even a song with a low score is a result for me, it means to do better haha.

My music should now be coming in weekly installments. Expect either a cover or original song each week. They will be posted each monday (or around that day, IE sunday or tuesday) to reach my goal of 52 songs this year (Good but difficult goal if I want to produce good music each week).

4 days from now will be my friends bday. If you are viewing this on March 8th, please comment a happy birthday for him. I'll be attempting to release another song special for that day. He's turning 19 haha.

Now enough of my rambling...

Well leave me some love (doubt anyone will even consider it, haha... stupid trolls...)

-Matt McEntire-


2012-01-24 01:40:51 by crazymatt117

It's a new year guys! you know what that means? more kinds of music! My goal this year is at least 20 songs done by december (no junk this time i promise lol) and all originals.

Btw if there are any trolls on my pages, you have been warned now. you will face the wrath of MR AMAZINGLY AWESOME soon enough (lol).

anyways another big goal of mine is more posts like this (can you believe this is my 3rd one ever on here???).

well anyways thanks for reading my rambling.




2010-11-24 20:12:59 by crazymatt117

Hey guys

sorry i haven't posted up anything new for awhile. It's been quite hectic here. But no matter, you will see me have more songs. I have branching out my music styles to get a feel for than just metal haha.

My newest song Trials through time was quite interesting how that one got written. I was listening to some daft punk actually and pulled up tux guitar and messed with it. It is my first true techno song. I do hope you guys enjoy that.

On my guitar playing, I'm still learning how to sweep. Very difficult.

Ive started to play piano, bass, and drums now, so very soon you will be seeing much higher quality songs.

Until next time,




2010-04-25 01:26:08 by crazymatt117

Hey guys,

as you know i have had very little activity on this site. Ive had very little time for one and two im currently working on songs for this site. I should have at least 3 more songs done before the end of summer though (and thats a promise! if i dont make good on it then u can slap me lol)

some of my upcoming songs will feature screamo vocals (i cant sing guys srry) and they will be AWESOME!!!! :D

Also i got a new guitar and amp since ive said ne thing to ne one on this site. The guitar is a Vintage American Made Pacer Series Kramer (a mouthful i know)... its got great sound and tone. the amp i just got is a Vox AD50VT-XL which features 2 10" speakers on it with tons of digital efx on them. Distortion sounds amazing on it as well. It is also a tube amp (the first one i have ever gotten). all in all the setup is AMAZING :).

Im getting better at pinched harmonics and just recently started working on sweep picking (VERY DIFFICULT!!!)

That's all the updates for now so i will leave you off at this note :)